The Sloth Lemur’s Song: The History of Madagascar’s Evolution from the Deep Past to the Uncertain Present Hardcover – Mar. 2022

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Publisher ‏: ‎William Collins : Mar. 2022 – Hardcover ‏ : 352pages – ISBN: ‎9780008435943 – Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 15.9 x 3.3 x 24 cm

A moving account of Madagascar told by a researcher who has spent over fifty years investigating the mysteries of this remarkable island.

Madagascar is a place of change. A biodiversity hotspot and the fourth largest island on the planet, it has been home to a spectacular parade of animals, from giant flightless birds and giant tortoises on the ground, to agile lemurs leaping through the treetops. Some species live on; many have vanished in the distant or recent past. Over vast stretches of time, Madagascar’s forests have expanded and contracted in response to shifting climates, and the hand of people is clear in changes during the last thousand years or so. Today, Madagascar is a microcosm of global trends.

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Dimensions 15.90 × 3.30 × 24.00 cm