Rescue: Daring Missions from On, Under and Above the Earth: Hardcover – Illustrated, Oct. 2019

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Faber & Faber; Oct. 2019 – 192 pages – ISBN -9780571346325 – Reading Age 9 – 12 years – Dimensions – 24.13 x 2.54 x 31.12

Astonishing real-life rescue missions from on, under and above the earth from the award-winning team behind Survivors and Heroes.

How far would you go to save a life? Scrambling from the wreckage of his school after an earthquake, a nine-year-old Sichuan boy rescued two unconscious friends. ‘I was hall monitor,’ he said afterwards. ‘It is my job to look after my classmates.’

Whether dragging a friend from a blazing car, masterminding a search far below the earth’s surface, or recovering astronauts from an aborted space mission, Rescue reveals the ingenuity, courage and doggedness of the human spirit all over the world.

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Dimensions 24.13 × 2.54 × 31.12 cm