LOVE OR DUTY – Rosie Harris

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An accident will open her eyes to a world she never knew existed…
Penny Forshaw is racing through the streets of Liverpool in her father’s new motor car, rushing to meet her fiancé, and is horrified when she knocks over a little girl. Penny feels it is her duty to take in six-year-old Kelly while she recovers, much to her fiancé’s disapproval.

Learning about Kelly’s miserable, poverty-stricken existence since the Great War opens Penny’s eyes to a world she never knew existed. Her decision to look after Kelly will change her in ways she could never have expected, and Penny will make sacrifices for her decision. She wanted to give Kelly a better chance in life – but it may be Kelly who changes Penny’s world for the better.

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12.9 x 1.9 x 19.8 cm