Bright Hope for Tomorrow: How Anticipating Jesus’ Return Gives Strength for Today Hardcover – Dec. 2022

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Publisher : ‎Zondervan Reflective : Dec. 2022 – Hardcover ‏ : 192pages – ISBN : ‎9780310134190

Dimensions ‏ : 13.36 x 2.03 x 18.9 cm

This is no ordinary hope. This hope can transform us fully when we learn to see it correctly.

Christ is risen, and Christ will come again. That is the hope that fueled the lives of Jesus’ disciples and the momentum of the early church. The hope of seeing their risen Lord face-to-face powered their endurance through persecution, their patience in discipling new believers, and their courage to renounce injustice and sinful passions.

Learning to renew our hope in Jesus’ actual, promised return trains us to live differently and see the world with different eyes. What if we could hold that hope closer to us intellectually and emotionally?

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Dimensions 13.36 × 2.03 × 18.90 cm